I LOVE to Inspire people with all my Art, Heart, and Soul!

I LOVE to Inspire people to follow their HEARTS, and so I decided to create this line of Inspirational Jewelry, to express my Unity Consciousness, and Open Heart, honoring all of my unique talents.

As an artist, I have come full circle. I began as a designer and model maker for the jewelry industry in NYC.

After 25 years of designing and carving in miniature for jewelry, I bought my first set of chisels and chipped away 10 more years of this creative life as a wood carver. Architectural carving, bird carving and tropical home decor, all spoke to me.

All the while, I was living and learning, and now, my heart calls me create jewelry again, but this time, to inspire others to follow their hearts, discover their unique talents, and to go for their dreams!

Susana Caban

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